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Temi Platform

Temi Platform

The Temi platform robot is a flexible tool that may be applied to a variety of tasks. Ten applications for the Temi robot platform are listed below:


Telepresence: The Temi Platform Robot can be used to facilitate remote communication, allowing someone to virtually attend a conference or event from a different place, for instance.


Caring for the elderly: The Temi Platform Robot can be used to keep seniors company while allowing them to access entertainment and other services, as well as maintain connections with friends and family.


Healthcare: The Temi Platform Robot can be used in hospitals and nursing homes to monitor patients, conduct remote medical consultations, and carry out standard activities.


Education: The Temi Platform Robot can be used at colleges and universities to transmit lectures and other educational materials remotely, allowing students to take courses from any location in the world.


Retail: The Temi Platform Robot can be utilised in retail settings to inform and help clients, such as pointing them in the direction of merchandise and giving them product information.

Hospitality: The Temi Platform Robot can help guests with their requirements and offer concierge services in hotels and other hospitality settings.


Security: The Temi Platform Robot can be used for security tasks like keeping an eye on a building or keeping watch in public areas.


Providing entertainment services, such as playing music or games, is something the robot is capable of doing.


Home automation: The Temi Platform Robot can be used to operate appliances like lights, thermostats, and security systems in smart homes.


Business productivity: By giving employees access to documents, calendars, and other resources, or by carrying out duties like delivering messages or preparing coffee, the robot can be employed in corporate settings to increase productivity.

The Personal Robot

World’s first cost-effective robot that delivers groundbreaking engagement solutions for your business or personal needs utilizing temi’s proprietary autonomous navigation and AI technologies

Temi Platform

The world’s leading robotic platform for custom solutions.Includes full autonomous navigation abilities, a customizable system with full SDK.
Easily connect and integrate any custom body or device you wish to temi platform and have it work for you autonomously. Great for companies looking to give their existing solution a pair of wheels and eyes for navigation or for industrial and operational facilities.​

What's so special about temi?​

Temi is the first robot that truly interacts with humans while providing flawless autonomous navigation, dynamic video and audio experiences and advanced AI.

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