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Capra Hircus

Introducing Capra Hircus

One Robot - Multiple Applications


Simple and robust in the design


Easy to use and integrate in operations


Supports automation, digitization and increased efficiency

Capra Hircus is a maneuverable outdoor mobile robot, based on Capra Robotics’ patented chassis. Hircus is designed to easily carry different types of loads. Due to its flexible chassis and large engine power, it can be used for numerous types of tasks in uneven terrain, as well as in urban areas.


The outdoor robot comes with a direct interface to its ROS2 operating system, which makes it easy to connect additional equipment to the robot. Via the built-in remote connection, it is possible to automatically control the robot to a given target. Automatic driving with the robot can be done from control systems based on the VDA-5050 protocol, where the robot follows the given path.

We provide one robot, for all your outdoor robotics needs.