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We are the leading UK provider of robotic solutions & services for rental, hire, events & exhibitions

Airbus for Robots of London revolutionizes urban logistics with efficient, eco-friendly drone and robot deliveries, ensuring fast, reliable service with top-notch customer support and cutting-edge technology for a seamless experience.

AMRC for Robots of London excels in robotics innovation for manufacturing, boosting efficiency and quality with cutting-edge research, industry collaborations, and technology development, positioning London at the forefront of advanced manufacturing.

ASDA for Robots of London pioneers grocery automation, blending robotics with retail to streamline shopping, enhance efficiency, and improve customer experience, showcasing a futuristic vision for urban grocery solutions.

B&A for Robots of London delivers bespoke robotic solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and innovation across industries with tailored automation, expert integration, and cutting-edge technology, redefining London's industrial landscape.

BBC for Robots of London innovates in media production, utilizing robotics for dynamic filming techniques, enhancing broadcast quality, and pioneering automated news gathering, setting new standards in the broadcasting industry.

EUROSTAR with Robots of London revolutionizes cross-channel travel, integrating robotics for enhanced efficiency, safety, and customer service, offering a futuristic, seamless travel experience from London to Europe.

FLEX with Robots of London innovates in flexible manufacturing, integrating robotics to adapt production lines quickly, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs, showcasing agility and resilience in London's manufacturing sector.

FORMULA E with Robots of London electrifies racing with robotic innovations, enhancing pit stop efficiency, vehicle maintenance, and race analytics, driving forward the future of sustainable motorsport technology in London.

GKN Aerospace with Robots of London pioneers in aerospace engineering, leveraging robotics for precision manufacturing, maintenance, and innovation, enhancing aircraft performance and sustainability in London's aerospace industry.

GT Green Tweed with Robots of London excels in sustainable manufacturing, integrating robotics to streamline processes, reduce waste, and enhance product quality, leading London's shift towards greener industrial practices.

Honeywell with Robots of London transforms automation, offering cutting-edge robotic solutions for enhanced efficiency, safety, and innovation across industries, driving London's businesses towards a smarter, more connected future.

Hotel Chocolat with Robots of London revolutionizes confectionery production, utilizing robotics for precision crafting, packaging, and customer service, enhancing the chocolate experience with innovation and efficiency in culinary scene.

Johnson and Johnson with Robots of London innovates healthcare manufacturing, leveraging robotics for precise production, packaging, and distribution, enhancing efficiency and safety in London's pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

M&S with Robots of London redefines retail efficiency, integrating robotics for streamlined logistics, inventory management, and customer service, enhancing the shopping experience with innovation and precision in retail landscape.

MTC with Robots of London leads in manufacturing innovation, using robotics to advance precision engineering, process efficiency, and product development, driving the future of London's manufacturing sector with cutting-edge technology.

Resideo with Robots of London enhances home automation, integrating robotics for smarter home security, energy management, and maintenance solutions, advancing London's residential technology with efficiency and innovation.

Samsung with Robots of London pioneers in consumer electronics innovation, utilizing robotics for advanced manufacturing, quality control, and R&D, pushing the boundaries of technology in London's vibrant tech scene.

Takeda Oncology with Robots of London advances cancer treatment, employing robotics for precise drug manufacturing, research, and patient care, significantly enhancing oncology solutions in London's medical sector.

TATA with Robots of London pioneers automation solutions, leveraging robotics for streamlined manufacturing, logistics, and innovation, driving efficiency and competitiveness across industries in London's dynamic business environment.

The Senator Group with Robots of London revolutionizes furniture manufacturing, integrating robotics for precision craftsmanship, efficient production, and innovative design, setting new standards in London's interior design industry.

Unilever with Robots of London redefines consumer goods production, utilizing robotics for sustainable manufacturing, efficient distribution, and product innovation, shaping the future of consumer products in London's market.

University of Sunderland with Robots of London pioneers in education technology, integrating robotics for innovative learning experiences, research advancements, and industry partnerships, driving forward London's academic excellence.

Vodafone with Robots of London leads in telecommunications innovation, employing robotics for network maintenance, customer service, and infrastructure development, driving connectivity and efficiency in London's digital landscape.

XPO Logistics with Robots of London revolutionizes supply chain management, integrating robotics for efficient warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment services, optimizing logistics operations and enhancing productivity in a bustling market.

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