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Retail Robots

Features of Retail Robots
Explore some of the leading retail robots that are transforming the shopping experience and revolutionizing the industry.
Robots have a diverse range of applications in the retail sector, designed to enhance customer experience, improve efficiency, and optimize various processes. Some of the key functions that robots can perform in retail settings include:
Impress your customer with Humanoid Robots
Our ARI robot, which is human-sized, engages with your consumers and provides a distinctive experience. Create interactions with your social robot that are specific to your company’s objectives to increase consumer loyalty!
Robots At Your Service

Temi Robot

World’s first cost-effective robot that delivers groundbreaking engagement solutions for your business or personal needs utilizing temi’s proprietary autonomous navigation and AI technologies

Pepper Robot

Pepper the robot was designed to interact with people and be expressive, as it is equipped with a set of sensors and interactive equipment, allowing it to lead a discussion with the user. In addition, it is equipped with a set of sensors, such as laser sensors, to manage its safety and that of people around.

MiR Robot

Mir is a type of retail robot that is designed to assist customers and staff in retail stores. It is equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras that allow it to navigate around the store, avoid obstacles, and interact with customers.

Furhat Robot

Furhat is a social robotics platform that can be used in a variety of settings, including retail. It is a human-like robot head that is mounted on a stand or placed on a table, and it is equipped with a variety of sensors, cameras, and microphones that allow it to interact with humans in a natural and intuitive way.

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