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Digital Robot

Addressing customers emotionally at the POS with avatars

Digital Robot Avatar solution allows to create empathetic and engaging characters for brands and retailers.

Characters like our avatars win the mind and win the market.
Our digital robot avatars are perfectly suited to emotionalize consulting and sales moments and thus to leave a lasting mark on the customer experience.

In Retail

Increase sales without additional personnel costs with a shop-in-shop solution and data-driven product recommendations

In Museums

In exhibitions and in museums, avatars can present extensive information about exhibits so that the cultural experience for visitors is not only unique, but they can also learn something.

Temi can also accompany visitors through the exhibition.

In Public Facilities

Avatars help visitors to get a better orientation in building complexes. This helps you avoid stressing visitors and lowers their frustration level. Also, use Furhat for automated digital document application.

Digital Trainer

Digital training in which avatars respond to reactions and questions so that the learning effect can be maximized.

Digital teaching applications have not only become part of everyday life in professional training. In school life, too, digital media are now integrated into the learning process as standard. With emotionalizing avatars, the learning effect can be maximized in any case. Avatars react to emotions and facial expressions and can respond to questions.


Practical addition of avatars as a store-in-store solution in all retail areas.

Avatars can act as store-in-store promoters. They can make product recommendations and help customers find their way around the store and among the products. They can also gather customers’ opinions through feedback surveys. This provides you with valuable information on the buying behavior and preferences of your target group.

Healthcare/ Elderly

Care and Entertainment in Nursing Facilities.

Whether as a storyteller in the waiting room and for making appointments with the doctor or as an everyday helper in care facilities, with our avatar you have a comprehensive and flexible solution. In addition to reminders to take medication for the residents of care facilities, he can perform exercises with them to stay mentally and physically fit.


Smart addition to everyday work and as an icebreaker in customer contact.

An avatar can check in visitors and customers as a receptionist and inform their contact person within the company about the arrival. Or he can work as an internal help desk and answer employees’ questions. He can also ask employees about their well-being and make suggestions to improve their mood.

Emotional intelligence

Avatars are the optimal complement for application scenarios of many groups. They can solve the problems of the most diverse application groups, thanks to real-time emotional reactions.