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Art Bot


The most recent integration of A.I., robotics, and mosaics is called Artbot Mosaics. Once a portrait has been taken or submitted, one of the Artbots starts to work in less than 30 seconds creating an amazing sticky sketch of the visitor for the chosen place. All of this is accomplished via an incredible integration of AI and machine learning. Once finished, the visitor positions their sketch in the appropriate spot on the mosaic grid. Throughout the course of the event, a beautiful and unique mosaic will come to life. Real-time events take place, or pre-generated content might be used. 200 to 7000+ sketches can be included in a live sketch mosaic.

Key Features

Artificial Intelligent

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), artists can produce original sketches.


Over 6,000 portraits were sketched by six of our artists to "teach" Artbot how to draw in an artistic manner.


Excellent for logos, slogans, phrases, and other recognizable symbols. Options for takeout and social sharing are available.


Amazing drawings in under 30 seconds With 4 Artbot, there is the option of standalone activation (without the mosaic). technology with a pending patent

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