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Maximize your efficiency with Capra Hircus

Intralogistics becomes Interlogistics

Bridging the Gap between Indoor and Outdoor Logistics

Large facilities have optimized their intralogistics but have a bottleneck in moving cargo across the gate. This applies to both moving goods from indoor to outdoor, and outdoor to indoor.

Transport orders to the Capra Hircus can be given from a central control system (WMS/MES/ERP). To ensure an easy integration between the control system and the robot we have implemented the VDA-5050 protocol on the robot. The VDA-5050 is a VDA/VDMA standard interface developed in cooperation with several car manufactures and 1st tier suppliers, with the aim of giving a control system a common way to control robots from different vendors.

Packing sizes range from SLCs 600×400 to pallet footprints of 1200×1000 and includes racks and customer specific packaging. Our solution supports top decks of up to 50 kg and carts up to 500 kg for high-priority logistics tasks.

The Capra Hircus is designed according to the European Machine Directive and is CE marked. Meaning the robot can be used without risk if the instructions are followed.

For outdoor usage of the robot the safety follows the basic safety standard (ISO 12100). For indoor usage there exists standards for large AGV’s (ISO 3691-4) and to some extend for smaller industry mobile robots (RIA 15-08) – Our product is part of the latter standard

Our solution bridges the gap by offering one automated logistics solution for moving cargo inside, outside, and between logistic facilities. We call this concept Interlogistics.

Last-Mile Delivery and Parcel Services

Logistics challenges like last-mile deliveries are still performed with heavy trucks, which cause sizeable CO2 emissions to deliver small packages.


Handling low-density deliveries cost-effectively poses a big challenge for today’s solutions.


Our solution features our versatile mobile robot platform and a top tool compartment box for carrying parcels.

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