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Spot® - The Agile Mobile Robot

Automate sensing and inspection, capture limitless data, and explore without boundaries.

Rex Robot dog is a quadruped robot capable of analyzing its environment, monitoring and overcoming obstacles, thanks to its intelligent sensorization.

Your teammate, your tool
Spot is changing how organizations monitor and operate their sites, ensure the safety of their teams, and make data-driven decisions. Put Spot’s unprecedented agility and advanced autonomy to work and extend the reach of your team.
Robotics for safer, more predictable operations
With 360° perception and athletic intelligence, we solved the tough robotics challenges out of the box so you can make your operations more resilient.
Redefine your day-to-day with Spot
From factory floors to construction sites to research labs and beyond, Spot works so your team can excel. As a dynamic sensing platform, Spot provides valuable insights into routine operations, site health, or potentially hazardous situations. With Spot, your team can focus on the things that matter most, while staying out of harm’s way.
Spot is easy to use and intuitive to learn, making it quick to deploy for both manual operations and autonomous missions. You can generate immediate value for your organization with pre-configured packages for inspection, research, and hazardous response. Or, if you want to think out-of-the box, Spot’s 14kg of payload capacity, robust API, and comprehensive documentation allow you to equip it for your specific needs no matter your application.
Whether you are operating one Spot or an entire fleet, from six feet or six hundred miles away, we offer the complete solution for an enterprise deployment. Our software helps you manage your fleet and makes your data accessible in one place, with flexible communication options to keep you connected and informed. Boston Dynamics’ support and service teams are available with training and resources to jumpstart your journey with Spot and enable ongoing success.
Extensive testing in the lab and field has created a robot that you can trust to work day-in and day-out. Spot can operate without interventions—autonomously charging, dynamically replanning around new obstacles, and self-righting if it falls. With over 1,000 robots in customer hands today, you can rest assured that Spot is a dependable coworker that delivers consistent results.
Set Spot up for autonomous inspections to power your predictive maintenance program and create digital twins of your facilities.
Energy & Natural Resources
Plan and create autonomous operator rounds, monitor remote facilities, or perform inspections in energized, radioactive, or otherwise hazardous areas.
Academia & Education
Jumpstart research and education with Spot as a flexible platform to develop novel applications.
Reduce the risk to personnel by enabling operators to remotely investigate, assess, and de-escalate tense or hazardous situations.

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