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Restaurant Robots

Robotic Table-Service,Your Team Multiplier!
A Sustainable Solution For Labor Shortages
Staffing has become one of the main challenges facing restaurants in the past year. An industry-wide labor shortage has contributed to several issues, including considerably longer wait times and lower guests online review ratings.

Due to this, a lot of restaurant owners have become inventive and started using robotic food runners. These cutting-edge technologies not only handle labor shortages, they assist in front of house staff by taking steps to the kitchen, to ensuring a better guest engagement. Even if the feedback on this new technology has been much divided, it’s worth taking a deeper look if your restaurant is having trouble managing the floor.
How Do Robot Food Runners Work?
A robotic food runner is exactly what it sounds like: a machine that delivers food to diners. The majority of the time, these robots don’t accept orders, but they do carry food to guests and help buss tables. Naturally, they aren’t self-sufficient; restaurant workers are still required to input orders, direct the robot, and transfer old dishes onto the robot.
Service Robots: A Dream For Marketing
Serving clients is just the tip of the iceberg. A service robot stands out from the crowd and gives diners something unique and exciting to focus on, which is crucial for marketing any restaurant business. Diners take pictures with their delivery robot in addition to the meals served and those pictures might be used to spread the news and promote your restaurant without cost.

Giving your guests something to share on social media is an exceptionally effective marketing strategy that you can use without investing any money in a planned advertising effort. The more people submit and interact with your content, the more positively people will see your brand.
Robots At Your Service
Temi Go Robot
World’s first cost-effective robot that delivers groundbreaking engagement solutions for your business or personal needs utilizing temi’s proprietary autonomous navigation and AI technologies

Pepper Robot

Pepper the robot was designed to interact with people and be expressive, as it is equipped with a set of sensors and interactive equipment, allowing it to lead a discussion with the user. In addition, it is equipped with a set of sensors, such as laser sensors, to manage its safety and that of people around.

Mobile Industrial Robot

Restaurants can leverage the MiR robot for food delivery to streamline their operations and reduce labor costs. Here are some benefits of using the MiR robot for food delivery:

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