Temi Platform


Temi Platform revolutionizes productivity and convenience at home and work. With advanced AI navigation, a 10.1-inch interactive touchscreen, and voice assistant integration, Temi seamlessly manages tasks, entertainment, and smart home devices. Its telepresence feature enables high-quality video calls and remote control, making it perfect for staying connected. Temi is also a powerful entertainment hub and an invaluable business tool, offering user-friendly and innovative solutions for various applications. Experience the future of smart interaction with Temi.

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Discover the power of the Temi Platform, an innovative solution designed to enhance productivity, entertainment, and convenience in both professional and personal settings.

Key Features:

  1. Smart Navigation and Mobility:
    • Equipped with advanced sensors and AI technology, Temi navigates seamlessly through any environment, avoiding obstacles and ensuring smooth, autonomous movement.
  2. Interactive Touchscreen:
    • The 10.1-inch HD display provides a user-friendly interface for effortless interaction. Whether you’re making video calls, browsing the web, or controlling smart home devices, Temi’s touchscreen makes it easy and intuitive.
  3. Voice Assistant Integration:
    • With built-in compatibility with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Temi responds to your voice commands, making it a hands-free companion for managing tasks and accessing information.
  4. Telepresence and Remote Control:
    • Stay connected with loved ones or colleagues through high-quality video calls. Temi’s telepresence feature allows you to control the robot remotely, giving you the ability to navigate and interact with your environment from anywhere in the world.
  5. Entertainment Hub:
    • Enjoy your favorite music, videos, and games with Temi’s powerful speakers and smooth streaming capabilities. The platform supports various entertainment apps, transforming any space into a dynamic media center.
  6. Smart Home Integration:
    • Control your smart home devices with ease. Temi integrates with numerous IoT devices, allowing you to manage lighting, temperature, security, and more, all from one central hub.
  7. Business Applications:
    • Enhance your office environment with Temi’s capabilities. From greeting visitors and providing information to managing schedules and delivering presentations, Temi is an invaluable asset for any modern workplace.

Why Choose Temi Platform?

  • User-Friendly: Designed with simplicity in mind, Temi’s interface is easy to navigate for users of all ages and technical backgrounds.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from home automation and entertainment to business solutions and telepresence.
  • Innovative: Leveraging the latest in AI and robotics technology, Temi offers a cutting-edge experience that evolves with your needs.

Elevate your daily routines and transform your living or working space with the Temi Platform. Experience the future of interaction and automation today.