Super Chatbot Robot Application

Our Super Chatbot application for Pepper has been developed in response to many of our clients who wanted an application for Pepper that enabled Pepper to be in a chat mode all the time but still be able to perform any robot functionality whilst in “chatbot” mode and totally reliant on voice rocognition.


As soon as Pepper boots up you are in chatbot mode so you are able to converse with Pepper featuring over 90,000 chat variations. You are able to edit, delete and add questions and answers using a content management system giving you complete control over what Pepper says. This is a very powerful tool that enables you to offer a seamless integration of information about your products or services whilst still having access to a huge general knowledge base.

  • General Chatbot with over 90,000 potential answers

  • Ability to edit, add or delete both questions and answers to the databases via CMS

  • Control by voice recognition anything that you would like Pepper to do, including….

  • Take a photograph and display on the screen

  • Send an email

  • Collect Data

  • Check the news

  • Check sport

  • Check the weather

  • Control all movements

  • Save a location

  • Control Pepper Singing

  • Control Pepper Dancing

  • Control any screen of any size….show any website, video, excel file, word document, pdf file, powerpoint presentation or image

  • Make a video call

  • Open skype, netflix, youtube or any application

Pepper opening an excel file using voice recognition….only!

 Pepper opening a powerpoint presentation and scrolling through the slides

Pepper can open any website, scroll up, scroll down and go to any page requested